• Three Phase, Hermrtically Sealed
  • Thermal Overload Protector (TOP)
  • Switches

Krishna 24DN Series hermetically sealed three phase on winding protector is automatic reset device with interrupts line current at the counterpoint of a WYE (Star) wound motor. These protectors are complied with restriction on use of hazardous substance (RoHS). these protector are manufactured as per international quality standard at our most modern manufacturing facility at Vasai India.

Key Features

  • Hermetically sealed for leaked protection
  • Suitable for three phase refrigeration and air conditioning compressor motor
  • Snap acting and auto-reset type
  • Compact and reliable design suitable for close coupling to motor winding
  • Protect WYE (star) wound three phase motors from 1HP to 6HP
  • Hermetically sealed for leaked protection
  • Design for low and high side pressure application
  • Rugged construction resistance to mechanical damages


Krishna 24DN protector gives protection to three motor used in refrigeration and air condition compressor from high winding temperature. However it may be used for protection of nay WYE wound three phase motor where hermetic sealing is required due to environmental condition. Compact design of other devices allow it to be installed directly on motor winding for close temperature monitoring to improve its over temperature protection.

Some typical applications are:

  • Loss of refrigeration charge
  • Secondary single phasing (loss of phase)
  • Low voltage locked rotor
  • High / Low locked rotor
  • Air-condition compressor
  • Submersible pumps
  • High / Low side pressure application