• Current Relay

Krishna 5CR Series relay is three traditional current sensitive normally-open relay used in low horsepower, compressor motor start application.it a available in thermoplastic material, recommended in humid environment or for frequent operation like food mixer application. We have different types of relay like current relay, current relay with NTC and PTC relays.

Electrical Characteristics

  • Class B coil (130 °C)
  • P.U. current up to 11,55 amps
  • Normally-open circuit, single pole, double break, for use on RSIR or CSIR applications
  • For Normal pollution condition (according to EN607730)
  • Contact Ratings: 5CR 8 amps 120/250 VAC COSØ 0.9 | 5CRN 10 amps 120/250 VAC COSØ 0.9
  • Endurance: 5CR 200.000 Operations | 5CRN 100.000 Operations
  • Ambient Temperature Tmax = 80° C


Krishna 5CR Series.

Some typical applications are:

  • Refrigeration Compressor
  • These are used in domestic and light to medium power commercial
  • Refrigeration from 1/20 HP 1/3 HP