• Single Phase, Hermetically Sealed
  • Thermal Overload Protector (TOP)
  • Switches

Krishna 5DN Series hermetically sealed single phase on winding over load protector is engineered with world finest technology and developed with integrity and can unmatched commitment to quality. These are manufactured as per international quality standards at our most modern manufacturing facility at Vasai India.

Key Features

  • Hermetically sealed single phase on winding protector
  • Snap acting and auto reset type
  • Two contact rating to provide highest reliability
  • Extra option of start winding protection
  • Suitable for high pressure requirement of rotary compressor
  • Wide application range from 1HP to 5 HP
  • Compact and reliable design suitable for installation directly on motor winding
  • Rugged construction resistance to mechanical damages


Krishna 5DN Series motor protector are snap acting and auto reset type which are wired in series with an mounted on motor winding. These protector sense winding temperature and respond to changes in line current to protect against various overload conditions.

Some typical applications are:

  • Running overload
  • High/Low voltage looked rotor
  • Loss of refrigerant charge
  • Short circuit of capacitor
  • High discharged temperature
  • Window and split air condition system
  • Rotary air condition compressors
  • Heat pump compressors
  • Commercial motor that function in corrosive environment