• PTC Motor Start Relay

Krishna 9EA motor starter a low cost alternative to electro mechanical relays performer the ptc (positive temperature coefficient) solid state starter function. The 9EA is suitable for compressor used in refrigeration freezer water coolers de-humidifiers vending machines and smilax refrigeration application.it plugs directly onto the compressor terminal pins.

Key Features

  • Utilizes PTC pill materials CTO energize / de-energize motor star winding
  • Provides inherent start winding protection
  • Optimal packaging approach improves efficiency
  • Used in 120v or 2400v application
  • Provides lowest power consumption in industry
  • Wide spectrum of resistance ranges available


  • PTC pills 100% electrically tested twice
  • High reliability with no moving parts
  • 500K cycles min. at max. rated condition
  • Dissipates less than 2 watts under normal operating conditions